Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Rules of the competition

If you haven't already got started, it's time to get your pupils going now!

The aim of the project will be for your children to use digital cameras (or mobile telephones with cameras) to take photos in a range of categories. (Nature, people, places, sport) Oleflemming has created folders in the eTwinning Twinspace for all photos from each class to be uploaded to, and each country will need to decide on their favourite picture in each category, (from their own class) which they will THEN nominate and upload to the project blog, here. Once each class has their own preferred picture in each category uploaded to the blog, we will all (like in Schoolovision) spend a week or so looking at all the work, and deciding on our favourites.

We plan to use FlashMeeting webcam conferencing again to cast our votes for each favourite photo, and then we will name the winners overall in each category. If you are not able to use webcam conferencing, don't worry, you can send votes by email to me.

Timings: Pictures need to be uploaded to the eTwinning Twinspace by 20TH MAY 2011. Then, the favourite photo in each category from your class needs to be uploaded to the blog by 25TH MAY 2011. If all goes to plan, we will then spend a week viewing all the photos, and we'll meet to cast our votes on WEDNESDAY 1ST JUNE 2011.

What will the children learn?
By using cameras or phones, the children will gain an understanding of digital photography. They will learn how to compose good pictures- and to look carefully for opportunities to photograph. They can do this either in school, or at home in their free time- but you should make it clear that it is expected that the children themselves should take the photos- NOT their parents!! Also, children will have another great opportunity to learn about different cultures through the pictures themselves.

Good luck everyone!


Nelieta 2 May 2011 at 01:14  

What a great project! I can just imagine all the creativity when the children grab their cameras and start snapping away!

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